Installing GoLang on Ubuntu 16+ LTS

Installing GoLang on Ubuntu 16+ LTS

Currently the APT Repository Sources for Ubuntu 16 force users to install’s “go-1.6” in order to obtain the executable “go” in /bin.

The issue with this is that the “context” import changed from a host path to a local path due to the package being part of Golang since Version 1.7, breaking most current github projects that use Go.


To allow the proper use of Golang latest version, there is a simple solution. In terminal:

  1. Run “apt-get install golang-1.9” (or whatever the current version is)
  2. Run “sudo export GOROOT=/usr/lib/go-1.9” (replace 1.9 with the version you downloaded)


This will force the up-to-date executable to run.

Golang – Google’s Open Source Programming Language:


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