NEVER blind run MV, RM or SED on Linux

NEVER blind run MV, RM or SED on Linux

Today (Monday 13th) I had the heartbreaking experience of accidentally wiping the entirety of my now-gone free VPS that was hosting 5 active/live sites.

I had backup files for 3 of those 5, one of which ( is now completely lost. (I apologise to Alfie/Porch/others in the Star Trek Online DPS Community).

In an attempt to move a subfolder into its root I ran:

mv Blabla/* /*

Of course this equated to the literal path of /blabla (nothing), and replaced everything in / on the ubuntu server.

I could no longer ls, or mv, and my SFTP and SSH sessions shortly closed after that. Little did I know that the SolusVM control panel was hosted on a 4 year old domain that had now expired, thus reinstallation was impossible…


The lessons we learn.

Dont repeat what I did.


I’m now bringing everything back online with a fresh SSD OVH server for 100AUD/yr. Still a bargain if you ask me (and now hosted/maintained directly with the seller [OVH] instead of a 3rd party).

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