Nuke time

Nuke time

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Tomorrow is the last exam for me, and the last physics exam for my class ever!

It’s all about Nuclear energy and an argument for or against the use in Australia – we haven’t received the specifics yet until the exam! Hope to be able to speak about precession, the singleparticle shell model, binding energy in relation to the ‘potential well’, hyperfine spectra, fertile reactors being more efficient – in relation to LWR, then going onto talking about laser enrichment in Australia with the new plans for the Rockhampton  enrichment plant ;). Oh, and of course cant forget fusion ;P.

Fun fun. Anyway, here’s a nice little interactive flash utility labeling the elements of a Nuclear reactor!

Nuke Plant

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    In the past five years, a model of nuclear power reactor has been recognized to systemically prevent meltdown with significant providence. This means that the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island – types of catastrophe may not occur under any circumstances.There is a technology which is coming on-line at Livermore Labs in Ca. which will permit the reprocessing of nuclear waste within the next ten years: all of the existing waste we have been stockpiling will be refined and reprocessed within the next thirty years, providing more fuel and reducing the final waste volume to about 4 percent of its current mass.That is manageable for long-term storage.Safety and waste management are the major stumbling blocks for the expansion of nuclear power. Politically, the fuel selections are the big issue: breeder reactors make plutonium and weapons-grade uranium from simple reactor fuel. They can also make the most efficient overall system.

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