KClO3 while procrastinating

KClO3 while procrastinating

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While completing my Information Systems assignment a tad early, I was slightly procrastinating a bit.

I was looking up my second favourite topic of interest – Chemistry :).

Finding out new recipes for disaster.. I ah.. mean experimentation, is a good way to pass the time.

Looked through some interesting videos of KClO3 (Potassium Chlorate [oxidising agent]) + * (any reducing agent or fuel, aluminium or sugar for example. Sugar of course would be a slower elongated reaction). Potassium Chlorate is now higher up on my list of oxidants than Potassium Nitrate because of its volatility. I found redox reactions quite interesting in high school Chemistry. Pity I’m not studying it anymore.

Anyway, here is a video of Potassium Chlorate – KClO3, with added magnesium powder – Mg. Let’s see the exothermic output.


Good chemistry nonetheless… Now, back to my database assignment.




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