Daily Radiation Dose Measurements for Brisbane Australia

EDIT: Geiger-Muller tube stopped recording pulses! Oh well…

The following page will be devoted to statistical catalogging of background radiation dose rates for Brisbane, Australia on a daily average. Measurements are taken via on-hand LND-712 Halogen G-M Tube.
(2017 NOTE: Outlier weekend values will not be recorded due to location differences.)

Graph will display monthly levels (current month: Feb 2017)
Previous months will be downloadable in CSV format!

Dose rate for general public per year is 1 Millisievert / year (mSv/year). This equates to 0.114 Microsievert / hour (μSv/hour). The statistics below calculate average Microseivert / hour (μSv/hour) over the last 24 hours.

[visualizer id=”1210″]



July 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-July2016

August 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-August2016

September 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-Sep2016

October 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-Oct2016

November 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-Nov2016

December 2016 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-December2016

January 2017 Data: MonthlyDoseRating-Jan2017


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