RegInOut System Speedup is a fraud

RegInOut System Speedup is a fraud

Recently I wanted to speed up my boot time of 48seconds without buying an SSD, so went on the search to see what windows TCP/IP settings or services I could disable on my windows machine.

This led me to the plethora of tools available 80% of them being spam, scams, or rogueware. To think RegInOut was legitimate was a mistake, I’ll tell you why here.


So I installed the program and registered it with a publicly available key. It resolved 1000 registry errors and it turned off services to match my PC to a “Home PC with networking” in-program setting.

To my dismay, when it rebooted the machine, it took 5 times as long and windows alerted me saying “Failure to communicate with windows service: System Event Notifier Service could not be started”. This proved that I could not view Scheduled Tasks, could not connect to the Internet, and could not view Event Viewer.


This had me pretty angry that I brought it upon myself thinking maybe RegInOut was one of the 20% of goodies. Obviously not, so this is how I repaired the problem.

First I did all the steps on online forum boards including:

  • Rebuilding Winmgmt Repository’s
  • Forcing SENService to stop and restart (it hung on “Starting”)
  • Running “netsh.exe winsock reset catalog”
  • Running AV’s to see if they would detect system setting problems
  • Running startup repair in safe mode which detected nothing wrong!

Finally what did work was running a program called “ServicesRepair” from ESET as well as checking the option of “Normal Boot” in msconfig.exe Boot settings.


Hopefully anyone who reads this will steer clear of the rogue program RegInOut and find better solutions to speeding up your system/s!



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