What is Trojanhelp?

Trojanhelp is a ‘Stop’ and ‘Recovery’ virus removal tool
for Windows (that has a dependency on .NET Framework 3 – Usually
this comes in automatic windows updates).

It will forcibly remove known viruses from your system via it’s Instant Database,
which includes the ‘TotalSecurity’ Trojan. This program does not affect
personal documents or any data edited by the user of the system; it was created
for helpful purposes alone. I will update virus definitions periodically,
so use the ‘Update Trojanhelp’ feature in the program to
download and implement the new versions from the Web server.

If you happen to find any errors or bugs please ignore them as this product has been discontinued.

New News

Version 7.0.5 released!
– Fixed location of help documentation
– Changed location of update files and checking files
– Removed net stress prelim functionality

Download Trojanhelp

Trojanhelp is distributed according to the GNU General Public License. Copyright 2008-2012. Trojanhelp. All rights reserved.

Current Version:
Download Removed (Old – email me if you want it badly enough)


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